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November is Diabetes awareness month and the Footwork Orthotics team would like to begin our first blog by suggesting tips on Diabetic foot care. There are many challenges that individuals living with diabetes face, and foot care is no exception. It is important to pay special attention to your foot health to prevent future complications. Diabetes can cause a loss of sensation in the feet and lower limbs, often referred to as peripheral neuropathy. The risk of developing neuropathy increases with age and overall duration of diabetes diagnosis. Common signs include numbness, tingling in the feet, and pain. The severity of one’s pain could fluctuate from a burning sensation, to having a hypersensitivity to touch. However, this will depend on the individual and the amount of feeling they retain in their foot. Unfortunately, there is no way to reverse foot sensation once lost. Therefore, proper education and regular visits to your local doctor will help prevent problems like Diabetic ulcers. Ulcers often are caused by shearing forces in a person’s footwear. These can occur because of ill fitted footwear or undetected seems inside the footwear,  because of the loss of sensation these may not be felt by the diabetic patient. Unfortunately; if left untreated the ulcers can cause permanent damage, even amputation of a toe, part of the foot or the entire lower leg, 50% of lower leg amputations are diabetic related. Continue reading “DIABETES & FOOT CARE”